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dental clinic Dentist in Nairobi kenya tender care dental dr. mwangi

The Top 10 Things You Should Know Before Choosing Your Dentist in Nairobi, Kenya

We want you to feel confident when you choose your Nairobi, Kenya Dentist. To help you make an informed decision, Dr. Mwangi  wrote this free report. If you’re searching for the most qualified and caring dentist in Nairobi, Kenya for you or your loved ones, you are in the right place!

Your Smile is Our Top Priority

Cosmetic and Family Dentistry in Nairobi, Kenya

The experienced dental team at Tender Care Dental is committed to going the extra mile to make every visit you have with us better than the last. We have one simple approach to dentistry – to provide our patients with outstanding dental care in a relaxed, welcoming, and comfortable environment. Our friendly dental clinic is only a phone call or an e-mail away and is ready to help you with what you may need. We welcome you to see what keeps generations of patients returning to Tender Care Dental year after year.

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Meet Dr. Johnson Mwangi

Dr. Johnson Mwangi is a Board Certified & Fellowship trained Dentist and the Founder of Tender Care Dental Nairobi, Kenya.

Together with his great team, they offer extensive expertise in cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry and preventive dentistry. Their extensive experiences have given them the great opportunity to care for a wide variety of ailments from which their patients may suffer.

Feel free to look around our website, access your complimentary resources and learn more about how we can assist you

Meet The Team

How can we help?

Getting high quality dental care shouldn’t be a hassle. We don’t make you wait for your appointment, and our extended morning and evening hours are designed to accommodate your busy schedule.Click on your area of interest below to learn more

Dentist in Nairobi kenya, dental clinic, tender care dental dr. mwangi

Cosmetic dentistry

dental clinic Dentist in Nairobi kenya tender care dental dr. mwangi


dental clinic Dentist in Nairobi kenya tender care dental dr. mwangi

Dental Implants

crowns and bridges, dentist in nairobi kenya- tender care dental

Root Canal Treatment

dental clinic Dentist in Nairobi kenya tender care dental dr. mwangi

Routine Dentistry

dental clinic Dentist in Nairobi kenya tender care dental dr. mwangi

Crowns and Bridges

An atmosphere of well-being

The team at Tender Care Dental has made it its business to look after the welfare of your teeth. Up to the old age, teeth are under constant workload and are threatened by bacteria and diseases. We ensure that you don’t have to worry about these things and that you can keep your smile carefree to the old age with the aid of our all-round and proven service

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What Our Patients Have To Say

dental clinic Dentist in Nairobi kenya tender care dental dr. mwangi

From previous dental advice, Rose had undergone several dental procedures that had affected her dental bone structure.
Watch this video to learn more about her story.

Crooked Teeth can be a major cause of negative self- Image.Watch Samira’s Story on how Braces have Straightened out her teeth

Phil has had a long term relationship with the dentists at Tender Care Dental. He once had a crown break off leaving him in pain and extreme discomfort.
Watch this video to learn more about his experiences with the dentist.

Adi and Hannah are super excited to have their braces coming off in just one year! They also mostly love climbing the trees in the compound as they wait for the dentist.
Watch their story here

Dickson has always had a fear of dentists from way – back – when. When a dental emergency forced him to inevitably seek dental care, he walked through the doors of Tender Care Dental and has not turned back since. Click here to listen to his story.

Victor is just a champ! He loves the bunnies and the playground and playing football as he waits to see the dentist.
Watch him having fun at the dentists here

Taking the Stress Out of Dental Visits

dental clinic Dentist in Nairobi kenya tender care dental dr. mwangi

Do you suffer from anxiety that makes dental visits challenging for you? Sure, we have a lot of comforting amenities to put you at ease. But the key to helping you relax is our genuinely happy team who puts your needs first and does everything possible to help you feel like part of our family.When you visit our office, you’ll be greeted by our friendly  receptionist and offered a beverage. Once you’re checked in, we’ll take you to your own private exam room where you can feel comfortable opening up to our team about your needs and concerns. We offer soothing amenities like overhead quotes and  music for a truly relaxing experience.If it’s your first visit with us, One of our qualified dentists will sit down and talk to you about your goals and what we can do to help you achieve them. After the consultation and exam, we’ll work together to come up with a treatment plan that’s realistic for you.

Restore your Smile

Should you wish to book your appointment online, Our Doctors’ Calendar is available to you, Simply head over to Reserve your Appointment and view the doctors’ available times where we can be able to help you

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Our Affiliations

dental clinic Dentist in Nairobi kenya tender care dental dr. mwangi

Supporting our Community

An important aspect of any organization or individual is to use part of their resources to help the needy in the society. For this reason, Dr. Mwangi and Tender Care dental take CSR very seriously. Over the years they have been involved in reaching out to communities in many parts of rural Kenya and offering free dental treatment, education and awareness.

Specifically Dr. Mwangi has participated in free dental camps in the following areas:

  • West Pokot
  • Endonyo Narasha Narok
  • Naisoya Narok
  • Talek gate – Masai Mara
  • Nginyany – Baringo
  • Mau Narok
  • Wajir
  • Muranga

As a long term project Dr. Mwangi established Gatura Dental clinic in his home village in 2005 as a CSR component of Tender Care Dental.
In this clinic, basic dental services are offered e.g. extractions, cleanings and fillings at below cost fees to the community in this area. This clinic is supported financially by Tender Care Dental in Nairobi.

In response to his auditors as to why he continues to run this clinic yet it does not make any profit, this is what Dr. Mwangi had to say:

This is the community I grew up in and they provided the environment for me to be who I am today. The least I can do for them is to ensure that they have their basic dental needs taken care of. After all, to whom much is given, much is expected.